Espressione 1334/1B Cafe Minuetto, Black

Espressione Cafe Minuetto Professional black
Espressione Cafe Minuetto Professional black

Espressione 1334/1B Cafe Minuetto, Black

  • Works with both ground coffee and ESE serving pods
  • Large removable 1.1 liter transparent water tank
  • Powerful 15 bar thermoblock pump for fast and safe heating
  • Error control and overheat protection to ensure proper brewing and frothing. Creates all types of espresso based coffee beverages
  • Kindly refer trouble shooting steps under the Product details and instruction video under the image section for set up and trouble shooting details.




Product Description

Color: Black

Espressione Cafe Minuetto Professional is a solid performing espresso maker sporting a classy yet modern design. Features a 15 bar thermoblock pump for creation of instant steam. Equipped with a Maxi Cappuccino device to produce rich creamy cappuccinos. Safety features include a high pressure safety valve, self priming temperature controlled boiler, and rubber grip handles. Convenient features such as a cup warmer on top, a large capacity water reservoir with a visible level indicator, and a removable drip tray – make it easy to use and maintain. Comes with a versatile filter holder and three filters that accommodate both ground coffee as well as ESE coffee pods. Comes in two color choices: durable INOX housing with polished steel on varnished ABS or Sleek black finish with silver finishing’s.


Product Information


Product Dimensions 9 x 10.5 x 13 inches

Item Weight 14.5 pounds

Shipping Weight 15.8 pounds

Manufacturer Espressione


Origin China

Item model number 1334/1B

Customer Reviews 3.7 out of 5 stars 286 customer reviews

Best Sellers Rank #57,710 in Home & Kitchen

Date first available at July 16, 2015




Top Customer Reviews


5.0 out of 5 stars

Worked perfect right out of the box——By R. McGehee (December 15, 2010)

Color: Silver

Just purchased this unit, (actually the 1334 not the 1334/1, the only difference is less stainless steel exterior). I read hundreds of reviews on all kinds of models and spent way to much time going to the stores here in Florence, Italy looking and comparing and talking to the sales reps. Like most items if you get a bad one you hate it and if you get a good one it is the best there is! So many units are plastic and so light weight that they really scared me. Even the old names out there seem to have models that look and feel cheap and you wonder how long they will last? I narrowed it down to the Ariete Minuetto, Gaggia Evolution and the DeLonghi EC 310 models. I was on a tight budget so that made things a little difficult to sort out as well. The DeLonghi had lots of reviews and the highest user satisfaction rating but two things turned me away, 50 euros higher in cost and it felt light and seemed kind of cheap. The Gaggia was pretty plastic and light as well and was supposed to have good inner working parts but the reviews were a 50/50 thing for the most part with not good ratings on after the sale service. The Minuetto had only 2 or 3 user ratings on it that I could find and they were 50/50 as well but the negative one seemed more like user error to me than the brands problem. So after a lot of scrutiny I decided on the Minuetto at a cost of 99 euro. I looked at the Minuetto pro with all the stainless on it but decided that another 35 euro was not worth just the look of more stainless steel.

The unit was very well packaged and there was no damage of any kind to the exterior of the unit and the fit and finish was excellent. The unit feels very solid and has a good weight to it like something that is made to last for a while. Not bright and flashy in appearance but just simple and very professional looking with stainless steel parts and brushed chrome and the darker areas are a dark gray color. The foamer wand is stainless steel and not plastic like so many I looked at and feels solid when I turn it and not wobbly like it is going to fall off at any moment. The drip tray grate is stainless steel as well. The drip tray is easily removed for cleaning and even has a float gauge to tell you if it gets full of water. The top has a stainless steel plate over the cup warming area but like so many I don’t think it will get warm enough to want to use it for cup warming. The plate is removable for cleaning so that makes cleaning the top of the unit very easy. The water tank is on the back side and is clear so you can see the water level with ease and it hold a very good amount of water so you won’t be filling it each time you use it. The tank is also very easy to remove and the top of it also is used as a handle to lift the tank from it’s position on the unit.

The filters it comes with are, one for using pods and one for a one cup espresso using ground coffee and one for a two cup shot using ground coffee. The filter wand and housing are solid but the handle might feel slightly light weight. Time will tell how it hold up. There are two indicator lights on the front, one for power being on and the other letting you know it is up to the right heat level to use. Their is a rocker power switch on the back left side of the unit. The main control knob on the front is chrome plastic but feels very solid and turning it to the left produces steam for the wand and to the right for pouring the espresso and in the center for standby mode. User manual is shown in several languages and is clear and easy to read. Not hugely in depth but adequate for the most part. There is also a service center brochure supplied.

A short word about service. I had one very simple question that I emailed the Ariete customer service center about and within 4 hours I had a return email with a very clear answer. If that is typical of their response I give them high points for taking care of their customers.

I followed the instructions for preparing the unit for use. Some talk about noise of espresso machines. What came from this unit was nothing alarming at all. You of course heard the pump running but what do you expect? The unit heated up quickly after priming the pump etc and ran hot water through the filter well and also steam through the wand very well. No leaks of any kind, no water spraying where it should not etc. but just worked like it was supposed to work. I filled the two cup filter with ground espresso coffee with the supplied measuring spoon and tamped it with the other end which is a tamper. Not heavy duty but it did do the job. Positioned the filter and snugged it into place. Allowed it a couple of minutes to warm up and then turned it to the espresso switch side. In a couple of seconds great looking espresso began to flow with a great creama effect on the top. I then ran the steam wand in a glass for a few seconds to allow it to warm and produce good steam and then with a cold cup of milk in a stainless cup began to produce great looking frothy milk. Espresso and milk were nice and hot and looked great. Taste was not perfect but that was because I used a cheap espresso brand to begin with to get the hang of things.

So in summery this unit did all that it was supposed to do the first time out. Looks good, feels good and is very easy to use. My first impressions are 5 stars! If you are looking for a well made and put together easy to use espresso machine take a look at this one. It is worth the look and I think you will be impressed especially if you compare it to others in the same and even slightly higher price range.




5.0 out of 5 stars

Wow! ——By Michael Davis (February 8, 2013)

Color: Silver


Let me start off by saying this product is definatly worth your money. I have never written a review before but this product deserved it. I myself have been a barista for several years. With that you become accustomed to good coffee. However you are not used to paying that $4 for every lattee. Now being a stay at home mom I wanted the product without the price.

The machine makes shots that are as good as the big expensive machine at the stand offer. The steamer not so much if you want just warmed milk with a little foam on top you will be fine. However if you want the milk to all have a marshmellow whip texture to it spend another $20 and by a milk frother to.

Do not use tap water. I know it says to but it will really ruin your machine quickly. Use DISTILLED water only. All other water have lots of minerals. Not only will you get better tasting coffee but prolong the life of the machine. Use half a teaspoon puro cleaner or another type of decalcifier once a month with about the filter with no holes on the bottom leaving it turned to the espresso side for two minutes p.It pushs the liquid back up cleaning you machine. All espresso stands do this every night before they shut down the machine.

Now onto to how to make good lattees.

First you will need a better tamper. I bought the one that amazon recommends to go with it.

I bought a simple $15 coffee grinder from walmart that has a hold button. Make sure that you use whole beans that are ground fresh every time. Good espresso is oily and fresh. Bad flavor happens once it has been oxidized to long. You want to make sure when grinding that the coffee is ground to just above powder texture. Then you want to fill the espresso holder filter as full as you can. The first time i did this I tried to not over pack it. Do not worry you probably wont. You will know if you do because your shots would literally only drip thru. Now take the tamper and press between firmly and hard. You will know that you are packing it correctly by your shots take around 45 seconds to fill. I personally like to pour my shot right away half carmel color and half espresso (when you are getting the correct pressure your shots come out carmel colored and then turn espresso starting at the bottom of the shot glass. This colored changed is considered the shot burning itself.) If you want a stronger flavor wait for the shot to completely change color.

Before you make the espresso shots steam your milk. NEVER add espresso to only flavor. You need milk to keep from burning the syrup. If you dont your flavor will be very gross. So to steam the milk you need a refriderated metal pitcher. I would choose the 20 oz one because to steam you need to tilt the pitcher so the milk will circulate. You can tell your doing it right by the milk moving in a cicular motion on top. Your milk may take a minute to start doing this, on account of it being cold and that cold particles move slower than warm ones. Start steam at the bottom of the pitcher.

If you want foam then this paragraph will help you achieve the best foam possible with this machine. For really good foam use whole milk or add some half and half to milk or even use only half and half(breve). Wait you can feel the pitcher is not cold to touch then move to the top inch if you want foam and pull pitcher up and down the top inch. Swirl the milk in the pitcher for 30 seconds this will clump the foam together. Then tap the bottom of the pitcher on the couter for 30-45 seconds this will eliminate the unwanted large bubble and even the texture. Allow to sit for a minute then pour as much milk out as you want and spoon out the amount of foam you want. A standard latte has a inch of foam on top. A cappuccino is all foam when called “dry” or half milk half foam when called “wet”.

Now you pour your shots on top. Stir or not stir its your preference.

When making iced drinks the order is flavor, milk, espresso, ice. If you add ice before espresso you will end up with a watery drink.

I can’t think of anymore helpful knowledge to share.

Enjoy your new machine if you get it.

Ohh and you should try tonys cafe camelita. Best coffee ever. Also for those of you who live outside washington state and are not a big fan of coffee flavor try white coffee, it has a very light nutty taste with twice the caffeine of normal esspresso. It only comes pre ground and is much more the texture of coffee pot grinds. Dont grind it more. I cant think of a good brand but i do know there are some not good ones out there so read the reviews.


3.0 out of 5

starsNear-perfect crema and temperature——By Vince(September 20, 2012)

Color: Silver

UPDATE: rubber seal failed and it costs $20 with shipping.



+ Low price for seemingly good quality (though I wonder if will last as long as my old Krups).

+ Makes great espresso with thick crema.

+ Frothing wand is error proof for making cappuccinos and such.

+ Easy to clean (including the frothing wand).

+ Warming tray gets hot, not just luke-warm.

+ Sufficiently large water tank.

+ Full drip tray indicator.

+ Simple to use.

+ Looks nice without being flashy.

+ Maybe it was because my Krups was just old, but the drink quality of the Espressione Minuetto is much, much better.

+ Did I mention the thick crema?



– You have to peak around back to see how much water is left, but that’s being picky since most espresso makers are like that.

– It says “Professional”, but come on… no coffee bar would use such a tiny and simple machine. How would they justify charging so much for espresso drinks if they didn’t use a several thousand dollar machine?

Overall, I’ve very happy it.